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5 Factors To Consider For Choosing The Mass Communication College In Delhi
There is no dearth of mass communication colleges in Delhi. You throw a brick and it might land in the campus of a Journalism college. How do you make the best choice then? All of them claim to be the best. Well, here are five important factors for choosing the Best mass Communication College in Delhi:
Location - You want to choose a college that is in a prime location but you do not want to be right in the middle of film city. After all, journalism is much more than just meeting with stars and clicking selfie. Colleges located in Southern part of the national capital are the best suited. Noida film city is not much far away and you are also close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and 유로247 the Supreme Court of India where a lot of newsworthy action happens round the year. Even important political headquarters are in close proximity.
Equal Exposure to the 4 Pillars of Journalism - We live in an age where learning one form of media is not enough. You need to be in an environment where you have access to a well-equipped TV studio, Radio lab, Print labs and Digital Incubators. A college that focuses only on one media form may teach you to be a great yet limited media person but one that focuses on all four aspects, while leveraging your strong points makes you a package.
In addition, you also need to understand if they are focusing on Advertisement, PR and Marketing or not. These are important aspects of media studies.
3. Connectivity and Networks - Knowing the right people and having the correct resources are two crucial factors when it comes to placements in the media industry. If a college happens to be under the affiliation of a media company, which has been in the business for long, you might have better chances to get placed.
4. Faculties - Faculties with great degrees are good but not enough for a Mass Communication college. You need to look at an institution where teachers have strong media backgrounds in addition to appropriate degrees. They not only teach you by drawing from their experiences but are also generally well-connected in the industry. This makes your chances of bagging relevant internships and eventually jobs, stronger.
5. Channel Visits and Practical Work - The number of channel visits that a college offers, outside its own sister companies is a validation of its reputation and links in the industry. You are not in the film city but you will not miss out on any important exposure. Secondly, the practical assignments completed by former students of a particular college speak a lot about the work that happens there.
These are some minute yet extremely significant factors to look at while deciding on the top mass comm college in New Delhi. With these strong points in your court, your career as a media person is definitely sorted and set to flourish.
Jag School of Transformative Skills (JSTS College) formerly known as the NBA Group of Institutions is one of the top mass communication college delhi with various digital communication and journalism course.
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